A Donation from you now will...
  • offer a scholarship to a special needs musician
  • sponsor a make a difference concert at the VA hospital for VETS, or at Nursing homes, schools, and hospitals across VA.
  • provide classes to special needs children
  • enable students to study music from needy families for VIVO, ANIMATO and CANTARE
  • offer a public school arts enrichment program or after school programs in Henry, Martinsville, Henrico, Richmond and Chesterfield County public schools

A financial gift from you ($100, $250, or $500) will matter immediately. Please consider a gift to Da Capo Virginia in an amount appropriate for you. If music mattered to you in a band, a choir, or... and if you are capable, consider sponsoring an ensemble or special needs group at a church or school with a larger gift of $1000 or more.

Video is a featured performance of Cantare, Animato, Vivo, and PrimaVolta at the Fall 2010 finale.

Da Capo Va is a 501c3 non profit charity. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams and we need your help.

Since 2006, we have been making musicians and musical communities in an exciting new service based model. Musical moments transform into memories which matter...
As Arts and Music budgets are being cut across our country, opportunities for creativity and inspiration are shrinking. Da Capo believes that musicians can and will make a difference in these troubling times. We have taken our ideas and put them into practice here in Virginia and NOW.

"Music has to be recognized as an ... agent of social development in the highest sense, because it transmits the highest values -- solidarity, harmony, mutual compassion. And it has the ability to unite an entire community and to express sublime feelings." -- José Antonio Abreu

The inclusion of our innovative and trailblazing special needs music class (VIVO) in the Da Capo musical community has been recognized locally and nationally and the word continues to spread. Our concerts and events provide opportunities for hundreds of people to interact and grow as both students and performers in venues from the McGuire VA hospital to Morningside’s Alzheimer Unit, to more traditional performances in the sanctuaries and worship services of our partnering facilities. Our musicians interact weekly in lessons, rehearsals, studio classes, and coachings to build the skills necessary for such demanding events. In the last year alone, Da Capo presented workshops, clinics, classes and assistance to Henrico County and Chesterfield County Public Schools impacting over 500 students. In the future we are hoping to do much, much more.

For that growth, and to continue our difficult work, we need your support now.

Students and faculty have shared countless stories and experiences which inspire and sustain us all. Below are a few selected quotes/moments:

  • “Vivo is so neat because it’s not a music therapy class,The organization sees children with special needs as wanting to make music just as much as children with-out special needs” -- faculty
  • “My son went from covering his ears to a smiling and happy participant. Why, I was even told he has become a "Leader"...” -- parent
  • “...it all started when my piano teacher told me to write a song. So I did....right now, all that really matters, is that I’m here today with all of you and I’m playing a song I wrote and I’m proud of that.” -- student
  • “Writing as an interested and musically-oriented dad. It has been great to see Catherine feel her music, rather than just mechanically punch-the-keys. Making that move to a different plane has been great. The environment lets her enthusiasm really roll—a great match for her” -- parent
  • “I wish I had the Da Capo approach during my early years of development. I would have progressed faster, with less effort, and developed those all important interpersonal skills earlier in life.” -- parent
  • “Da Capo instructors... showed a genuine love for working with young people. I am particularly impressed that they offer music instruction for children with special needs."-- Swift Creek Middle School, CCPS“
  • “I particularly enjoyed the opening fall concert of Da Capo during which the children of the audience stood around the organ to watch the pedal solo. Their curiosity and wonder at the instrument and my ability to demonstrate it yielded one of the more fulfilling performance experiences of my life. Even if none of those children take organ or become interests, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share my gift and skill in that particular manner.” -- faculty
  • “...she was impressed to hear that sharing music with the community in this way is part of the foundation of our mission. Sarah commented that in particular regard to nursing home concerts, how gracious it was of us to provide through music, a time of encouragement and solace to the often-forgotten nursing home community.” -- staff

We hope to double or even triple participation in existing ensembles with your support. Even smaller donations ($25, $50, $100) matter as they help us to provide scholarships, and tuition assistance to those in need. All donations are fully tax deductible and they make a difference for musical communities immediately. From families in need, to students with special needs, to schools and churches, our musicians and offerings make a difference in difficult days.

If a financial gift is not possible at this time, please tell others about Da Capo VA. Advocacy and Partership is often as important as funds.

We will continue to make a difference in our community and world and look forward to counting you as a special contributor to music and the arts “in communities”.

Sincerely Yours,
Jeff Prillaman, President, Board of Directors