Returning Students Only

Please note that
for new students, a hard copy signature/form is required for both medical emergency procedures and for a photo usage release. Thank you for your patience. Each semester we publish key dates, the late registration date, and the Cutoff date.
  • All registrations postmarked after the late registration date will be assessed a late fee.
  • Registration requests after the cutoff cannot be accepted. (at the sole discretion of the Director)


Step 1. Click and Download the New Student Registration FORM

Step 2. Print, then fill out the form selecting the options and instructional models you are interested in. If you aren't sure what the best options are, or would like more information.
Browse the website for more info or .CONTACT US!

You can also Call us at 804 432 3446. We will respond as quickly as possible, often the same day, some times within a few hours...

Step 3. Attach your check or money order to the form and
mail to:

Da Capo Virginia PO Box 3510 Martinsville VA 24115